Tips and Insights into the Truck Driving Industry

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  • white truck driving on road with text "the post-covid trucking industry"

    COVID has impacted every industry in America since last year. Corporations and small businesses alike are experiencing the effects of it and have all had to adapt in some way. The trucking industry was one of the first that had to do this. Without trucks delivering supplies, stores would have stayed empty longer, and medical […]

  • thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, pie, etc.

    This year the world has recognized the importance of truck drivers and making sure our shelves and aisles are stocked. While you are enjoying your Thanksgiving meal (safely), remember to give thanks to the truck drivers around you. Thanksgiving kicks off a hectic holiday season for truckers that adds to an already busy workload due […]

  • It reads, Trucking in the 21st Century on top, with a picture of a red semi below it

      The trucking industry has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings of freight transportation in the early 20th century. Trucking in 2020 has led to advancements being made in fields such as technology, automation, and load capacity. However, one problem has continued to plague truckers since the beginning, that being the never-ending driver shortage. Finding […]