Tips and Insights into the Truck Driving Industry

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  • Picture of middle aged man with a healthy lifestyle sitting behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler smiling

    Professional truck drivers spend most of their career behind the wheel, keeping America’s roads safe while delivering essential freight for consumers. In fact, many drivers can spend up to 11 hours a day delivering loads. This repetitive cycle, limited food options, and fluctuating work hours can make finding ways to stay healthy difficult. Thankfully, there […]

  • Image of a trucking owner-operator speaking with a load receiver in front of a row of white trucks

    The trucking industry allows drivers to explore various careers with numerous carriers and companies. While each offers its pros and cons, the decision depends on each driver’s wants and needs. One avenue that draws in many professionals is becoming a trucking owner-operator. What is an Owner Operator in trucking, and what do they do? A […]

  • Veteran thinking about her new transportation career

    Upon their exit from the military, veterans will look for a stable civilian career that applies the skills and qualities they gained during their service. For many, they turn to the transportation industry – a field that offers a smooth and quick transition into the workforce. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, about 10.3% […]

  • Successful GDA Driver Trainee Graduates

    Whether they are looking for a job change, a more lucrative profession, or want to pursue their lifelong passion of traveling the country, the reasons for beginning a truck driving career are endless. Luckily, Georgia Driving Academy’s Class A CDL driver training program offers trainees the opportunity to turn this want into a reality. Our […]

  • Black Georgia Football Truck Parked

    For many of us, once the calendar says September, the only thing on our minds is the start of college football season. While for the fans, there isn’t much thought into how the team gets to games with all the equipment they need. The team truck driver is one of the most critical jobs within […]

  • Red truck Driving From Right to left

    Life happens to everyone. That is why having the option to take a refresher course to get drivers back on the road is vital for the health of the trucking industry and the drivers. Allowing drivers to take time away and still return to the industry gives drivers more flexibility. This also creates loyalty and […]