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Third-Party Testing Available at Georgia Driving Academy

DDS Expands Truck Driver Testing Locations

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) has expanded the number of third-party testing sites in the state to meet the demand of truck drivers. The DDS is calling this initiative the Third-Party Tester Pilot Program. The program certifies truck driving schools to test their students upon graduating from their training courses. Included in this expansion is Georgia Driving Academy.

Why Third-Party Testers Are Important

Third-party testing sites make it easier for truck driving students to find a place to take their CDL test. Increasing the number of testing locations will help the state of Georgia meet the demand for drivers wanting their CDL and getting them on the road quicker with more testing sites.

DDS Commissioner, Spencer Moore, was interviewed about the expansion recently. “We are proud of our existing partnerships with 75 third-party testers. These testing facilities have highly trained personnel qualified to administer the tests so that their students can get to work as soon as possible. These additional sites will expand the number of CDL drivers in Georgia and make it more efficient for those that require CDL testing with us,” said Moore.

What This Means for GDA

Demand for truck drivers is at an all-time high, and GDA trains students every day to meet this demand. GDA will be able to conveniently test our students for their CDL once they complete their training. Being able to test students right after graduation means more drivers will get on the road quicker.

Brad Barber, President of GDA, was interviewed about the exciting news for GDA. “This is a win-win-win program for the DDS, CDL training schools, and most importantly, our students. With over 70% of all goods being delivered by trucks, there is a critical need to keep our trucks rolling. The Third-Party Tester Pilot Program is allowing our students to enter the job market quicker and to fill that empty driver’s seat.”

The DDS is also promoting the use of their mobile app, DDS 2 GO, to stay updated on your license status. The app allows you to track your status and notifies you of changes about your license while on the go.

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