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Truck Drivers: What to Listen to While on the Road

Entertainment While Driving Big-Rig

It’s no secret that truck drivers spend a lot of quality time out on the open road. They’re often alone and don’t have the typical company of friends or family tagging along on long road trips to stay awake and sharp. Therefore it’s important that truck drivers find quality listening material that’s interesting, engaging, and fun. Whether it’s the radio, podcasts, or streaming apps, we’ve compiled a list of the top things truck drivers can listen to for a more enjoyable ride.

What’s a Podcast?

Podcasts are downloadable audio shows that are available on the internet. They can easily be listened to from a mobile device and are completely uninterrupted from commercials. Podcast topics range from movies, news, crime, self-help, entertainment and so much more. Anything that interests you likely has a podcast available!

Trucking Podcasts

Some popular ‘trucking podcasts’ are Red Eye Radio, Truck Driver, Trucker Dump, and Trucking Podcast. These offer helpful insights and humorous stories within the trucking industry. Newbies will especially love learning new things and hearing from others’ points of view.

News Podcasts

Truck drivers are rarely home on time to catch a glimpse of the evening news, therefore listening to news podcasts is an easy way to catch up on the world around them every single day. Top options include CNN 10 which gives a 10-minute podcast featuring the top world events, PBS News Hour, another free podcast bringing you the best stories, and NPR Hourly News Summary, a 5-minute podcast which catches you up on everything that’s happened in the last 60 minutes.

Comedy Podcasts

If the news is too stressful, comedy is here to save the day. Top comedy podcasts include Comedy Bang! Bang! and How Did This Get Made? Both hilarious choices guaranteed to make you laugh and enjoy the day.

Deep-Thinking Podcasts

If any truckers are looking to channel their inner genius or challenge their current views, this category is it. A few top picks are Freakonomics Radio, which airs economic and social subjects, Science Vs. (one of the internet’s best science podcasts), and No Such Thing as a Fish which brings you fun facts and unknown information.

Music Streaming Apps

Exploring new music or listening to old favorites certainly makes the time fly by. Truck drivers can download popular music streaming apps such as  Spotify, Pandora, or SoundCloud. It’s a simple and affordable way to utilize technology and jam the day away.


The classic radio has come a long way since it was first invented. Even in the 21st century, the radio is a top hit for most truckers. Radio programs such as Red Eye Radio are tailored to drivers. Other truckers prefer to download apps such as iHeart Radio for their music needs. You simply subscribe to your favorite local station and you can listen to it anywhere you go. It’s free and easy!


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