Tips and Insights into the Truck Driving Industry

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  • Picture of middle aged man with a healthy lifestyle sitting behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler smiling

    Professional truck drivers spend most of their career behind the wheel, keeping America’s roads safe while delivering essential freight for consumers. In fact, many drivers can spend up to 11 hours a day delivering loads. This repetitive cycle, limited food options, and fluctuating work hours can make finding ways to stay healthy difficult. Thankfully, there […]

  • Image of a trucking owner-operator speaking with a load receiver in front of a row of white trucks

    The trucking industry allows drivers to explore various careers with numerous carriers and companies. While each offers its pros and cons, the decision depends on each driver’s wants and needs. One avenue that draws in many professionals is becoming a trucking owner-operator. What is an Owner Operator in trucking, and what do they do? A […]

  • Successful GDA Driver Trainee Graduates

    Whether they are looking for a job change, a more lucrative profession, or want to pursue their lifelong passion of traveling the country, the reasons for beginning a truck driving career are endless. Luckily, Georgia Driving Academy’s Class A CDL driver training program offers trainees the opportunity to turn this want into a reality. Our […]

  • gda instructor teaching student driver with cones set up

    The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) has expanded the number of third-party testing sites in the state to meet the demand of truck drivers. The DDS is calling this initiative the Third-Party Tester Pilot Program. The program certifies truck driving schools to test their students upon graduating from their training courses. Included in this […]

  • white gda truck in driving range with Fox 5 logo in bottom left corner

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created a backlog of the supply chain in the United States to one of the worst positions it’s been. To help combat this supply chain issue, the American Trucking Association predicts the industry will need to hire at least 60,000 truck drivers to meet the demand nationwide. Fox News visited GDA’s […]

  • white semi and trailer driving on a sunny day

    When you first begin your career after CDL training school, there will be many options to choose from. There are more types of truck driving jobs than local, regional, and over-the-road for you to take a look at when deciding. One of the more popular types is becoming a dedicated driver. What is a Dedicated […]

  • white truck driving on road with text "the post-covid trucking industry"

    COVID has impacted every industry in America since last year. Corporations and small businesses alike are experiencing the effects of it and have all had to adapt in some way. The trucking industry was one of the first that had to do this. Without trucks delivering supplies, stores would have stayed empty longer, and medical […]

  • image of red semi driving on highway with words "tips for rookie truck drivers"

    If you just got your Class A CDL and are getting ready for the open road, there are many things you should know and be prepared for. It is important to be on top of things, so you are ready for whatever is thrown at you while driving. Here are some tips to help rookie […]

  • thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, pie, etc.

    This year the world has recognized the importance of truck drivers and making sure our shelves and aisles are stocked. While you are enjoying your Thanksgiving meal (safely), remember to give thanks to the truck drivers around you. Thanksgiving kicks off a hectic holiday season for truckers that adds to an already busy workload due […]

  • Text reads, 7 ways to stay entertained on the road with two picuttes below it. One showing a semi truck adn the other a man with headphones on listening to music

    Truck driving is a great career that comes with job stability, high income, and the opportunity to travel the country. Following your Class A CDL training, you will be more than ready to take on the open road. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get bored during those long shifts! Here are a few trucking […]