image of red semi driving on highway with words "tips for rookie truck drivers"

Tips for Rookie Truck Drivers

How to be successful in your first year

If you just got your Class A CDL and are getting ready for the open road, there are many things you should know and be prepared for. It is important to be on top of things, so you are ready for whatever is thrown at you while driving. Here are some tips to help rookie drivers to get started successfully.

Safety Comes First

It goes without saying that safety is a priority and being accident-free as a new driver is important There are many things that can lead to an accident, with some not being your fault, but staying alert and being aware can help you avoid accidents or high-risk situations. Watching your speed and the flow of traffic is also another thing to pay attention to when driving.

One of the biggest safety factors when driving, for anyone, but especially rookie drivers are the weather conditions. Paying attention and looking ahead at the weather can help you plan your route, and ultimately prepare you better when it hits. Inclement weather causes 23% of all vehicle crashes a year according to the Federal Highway Administration. Being prepared for this can greatly reduce your risk of an accident.

Stay in Touch

Life on the road can get lonely, especially for a rookie driver who isn’t quite used to life on the road yet. It is important to stay in touch with friends and family while you’re out driving. Even though it isn’t in-person, communication with loved ones can go a long way while out on the road. Sending pictures of the sights you see driving can be a fun way to stay in touch and allow those closest to you to see some of the amazing things and views you will see while driving.

It’s also important for you to stay in contact with your dispatcher while driving. Making sure they are updated on your location and status is good for both parties. If you are having trouble or need assistance, updating your dispatcher should be a priority so they can alert the customer’s delivery may be delayed. Good communication from you can be the difference-maker in certain situations and get you on your dispatcher’s good side.

Keep Expectations in Check

As a rookie driver, you aren’t going to be earning top dollar right out of school. You will have to work your way up, which comes with time and experience. It’s important to be patient and keep your energy and work ethic up. Having a good attitude can help you stay positive and lead to an overall better driving experience. There are many other things you will learn as you gain more experience driving. Driving provides opportunities for you to constantly learn and adapt to become the best driver you can be.

Truck Driver Training

If you haven’t gotten your CDL training yet, Georgia Driving Academy is a great place to train and prepare for your new trucking career. Since 1995 we have been training truck drivers to get their CDL’s. In a few weeks, you can be road-ready and starting a new career in the trucking industry. Our training takes place in both the classroom and the road. GDA has two campuses in Georgia to train at, one in Conyers and the other in Columbus. We offer Class A, Class B, CDL Refresher, and custom CDL training programs.

Besides CDL training, GDA also provides students with financial aid options and job placement assistance to students. It is important to have a plan when paying for training, and we will work with you to find a solution that best fits your needs. We partner with select carriers to also offer tuition reimbursement for training if students are interested. If you are interested in training to become a truck driver, contact GDA today or call 1-833-976-0600!