Commercial truck backing and turning.

Difficulties In Backing & Turning Situations As A Truck Driver

Challenges Truckers Make While Driving

Truck driving was never said to be easy! Those are BIG trucks that are getting driven out there! Many of these trucks measure 54′ in length as a common “box size.” While some are TWO of these trucks attached together. “Big rigs” hauling metal and building materials can weigh 10s of TONS for each piece being moved. Other trucks haul cars to be displayed and sold. Hauling 6 to 8 cars that weigh 1,500 to 3,000 pounds each also add up!

These vehicles are bulky and awkward to drive. This makes them even more awkward to try to back up and maneuver around other vehicles. The following are some of the challenges that truckers face when backing up and turning around:

Blind Spots

They always say the bigger the vehicle the bigger the blind spots. That is definitely true with trucks, moreover, the larger the truck the larger the blind spot will be. This is especially challenging when someone is backing up their truck to ensure no cars are in the area or people are walking by when they are trying to turn around.

Wide Turn Radius

The bigger the truck the wider the turn radius is. Especially when backing into a dock to unload goods from their truck. Most docks will allow adequate space for a rig to turn around but it’s still tight ensuring you get up close enough to the dock without taking any part of the concrete or wooden structure out in the process.

Multiple Maneuvers

Many truckers (especially those who are newer to the business) will take more than one try to back up comfortably to a dock or an unloading point. Ensuring that they back up to the post safely is key.

Watching for Pedestrians

It’s not only smaller cars or other motor vehicles that the trucks watch out for, but it’s also pedestrians! Especially in the parking lot or at crosswalks in cities, truckers must watch out for pedestrians who have the right of way and ensure that they leave adequate space and time to stop and allow pedestrians to cross in parking lots or on the city streets at crosswalks.


These are just a few challenges that big rig drivers have to face when they are backing up into spots and turning around. It’s not easy, but practice makes perfect. Thankfully, with the training provided at Georgia Driving Academy, students will be well prepared to face these challenges. If you’re ready to take on the trucking world, contact us today! We would love to help you get started with your CDL Training.