5 Time Management Tips for Truck Drivers

Managing Time on the Road Efficiently

If you want to make the maximum amount of money, you’ll want to be on the road as much as possible. Practicing good time management is key. Going from load to load can be unpredictable at times, but managing your day can help you stay on schedule and earn as much money as possible. Here are five tips to help you manage your time on the road more efficiently.

Avoid Traffic

Using GPS apps like Waze, you can plan your route accordingly. Waze helps you avoid traffic by giving you alternate routes. It also alerts you when police are nearby, and it even tells you about potholes. Plan your trips more smoothly with “time to leave” alerts you can set yourself. If you know you’re going to be going through major cities, like New York or Philadelphia, you’ll want to plan your trip around morning and evening rush hour traffic.

Get Plenty of Rest

As with any demanding career or job, taking time to rest and recuperate is vital. You won’t be any good doing your job if you’re too tired to stay alert or if you’re making errors related to your lack of rest. Be sure to get plenty of sleep while you’re on the road. If you don’t like the idea of taking too long to rest, take short naps here and there to avoid exhaustion.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Life is unexpected, and traffic even more so. You never know when an accident may occur or something else that could hold up traffic. Whenever you can, leave early because things happen that you just can’t plan for. So load up your cargo beforehand and try to get on the road ahead of schedule. Also, if you leave sooner, you won’t have to drive as fast.

Create Checklists

Creating checklists for truck maintenance, equipment, and other priorities can help you keep track of everything and make sure you don’t forget anything, which could end up wasting more of your time.

Service and Maintain Your Truck

Keeping your truck serviced and maintained can mean the difference between having breakdowns and avoiding them. Equipment breakdowns are a normal occurrence in the trucking industry, but you could significantly cut down on breakdowns (and save time) by simply keeping your truck in good working condition.


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