Red commercial truck driving down the road.

How OTR Drivers Stay Connected

Staying in Touch While on the Road

Being an OTR (over-the-road) truck driver can be a very rewarding career that provides a great financial foundation for you and your loved ones. It doesn’t come without complications, though. Missing your loved ones is one of the main struggles of OTR truckers while on those extended trips.  The good thing is that with today’s advances you can choose from a number of traditional and modern methods of communication.

Digital Communication

We live in a great time that allows us to communicate instantly with our loved ones when we can’t be together. Consider these fun ways to stay in touch.


If you want to leave your loved one a message because you missed them or they can’t chat on the phone, email is always a great option. Fill their inbox with emails talking about your day and any adventures that occurred. Those emails are sure to put a smile on their faces.

Video Chat

See each other face-to-face using apps such as Facetime or Skype for video chatting. Skype is a free app that allows you to video chat as well as send pictures, stickers, and voice messages.

Group Chat

Apps such as GroupMe or WhatsApp allow groups of people to communicate altogether. You can talk to your spouse and kids at the same time and everyone can share their daily updates. You can also include groups of extended family and friends.

Online Gaming

There is nothing quite like playing games with friends and family to help you wind down at the end of the day. The good thing is you can still do that with online social game apps such as Words With Friends or Dice With Buddies.

Traditional Communication

While modern phone apps are fun, there is nothing quite like the good ‘ole paper and pen. Try these options for keeping in touch in a more traditional manner.

Send Letters At Each Stop

Be sure to pack plenty of stamps, paper, envelopes, and pens. Every night before you go to bed write a sweet letter to your loved ones and pop it in the mailbox. Maybe even stick small mementos you find along the way so they can enjoy the trip with you.

Leave a Stack of Notes Before You Leave

This one takes a bit more work before you leave but it will be worth it. Write a romantic letter for each night you will be gone. Number the envelopes and encourage your loved one to have the patience to open each letter on its respective day. It will be a fun and loving way to count down the days to your return home.

Being away from family while being OTR can be tough but the good thing is that staying connected does not have to be difficult. Your career as an OTR trucker is right around the corner. Don’t let communication get in the way. You can do this!