Blue truck with words guide to becoming a truck driver.

Is Truck Driving The Right Fit?

Your Guide to Becoming a Truck Driver: Part 1

Some people have it easy, career-wise. They know exactly what they want to do for a living from a young age, and can devote the early part of their training toward that goal.

Others don’t have it quite so easy and finish high school still not quite sure what they want to do for work. Some people know whether they want to go into an office environment, work in a trade like in IT, as an electrician, or construction worker.

Truck driving is another career choice, and for people who think they may want to choose that as a profession should understand what their career will be like, and whether that kind of lifestyle truly suits them.

This guide will lead you through the process, helping you decide whether trucking is the right career choice for you.

Getting Started: Is Trucking The Right Choice?

If you have been thinking about a career in truck driving recently but aren’t ready to pull the trigger, this might be the right blog for you. Certain qualities make for a successful truck driver and we’ve gathered those below. Check them out to see if you think you’d be a good fit for a career in trucking.

You’re Self-Disciplined

Truck drivers don’t have a boss constantly telling them what to do. You have to have the discipline to work long hours without supervision and to keep up with the demanding delivery schedule. You may have no trouble getting out of bed early now, but getting up early can become difficult when you’ve only had a few hours of sleep after a day of driving.

You’re Ready for a Physical Challenge

The long hours of sitting that come with truck driving are exhausting and even with legally required breaks, you will get tired. The breaks that you have you’ll have to focus on the maintenance of your truck and keeping with your delivery times, there won’t be much time for sleeping. It takes time to find a place to park, shower, and eat. You have to be prepared for moments of extreme fatigue and stay alert of the road at all times.

You Enjoy Time Alone

Some folks enjoy being alone, others can’t stand it. If you’re going to be a truck driver, you have to be prepared to have long periods of time without human interaction. Truck drivers spend multiple hours, days and even weeks away from friends and family. There are many ways to stay entertained and connected, from listening to a good music playlist to Facetiming your family, but if you thrive in social environments, truck driving might not be the best fit for you.

You Like Adventure

From the road, you’ll get to see more of the country than most people and meet amazing people along the way. One of the best parts of truck driving is constant changes in the scenery while you drive from one state to another. It’s a great way to see places you never imagined as you check things off your bucket list that you never thought to have.

You’re Ready to Learn More

If you believe truck driving may be right for you, head over to our Class A CDL training page. Georgia Driving Academy has convenient locations in Conyers and in Columbus and our Admissions staff is just a quick phone call away. Call us at 1-833-976-0600 or you can even apply online to get started and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you might have!