Commercial truck driver next to his truck.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Began Truck Driving

Understanding the World of Truck Driving

The truck driving industry is different from most. As most truckers know, you’ll experience something new everyday. New sites and surroundings, new loads to drop off, new people to meet. For many, there is a fear of what you might be getting yourself into once you take on a trucking driving career.

Here are 10 things we feel would be nice to know before starting out on this new occupation:

  1. This is not your grandfather’s truck driving job. There are now electronic devices to track your hours and driving behaviors, cameras facing you and the road, and more regulations, inspections, and paperwork.
  2. Some customers don’t have facilities or they forbid you from using them. Check the message boards before you leave to get a heads up.
  3. A pet is a great companion for the road. It gets lonely out there and a dog or cat can keep your company and forces you to get fresh air.
  4. Truck stops can get jam-packed at night. Plan ahead for this so that you are not running out of hours with anywhere to park.
  5. Making healthy choices on the road takes creativity. Making time for exercise and maintaining a healthy diet is not impossible, but it requires some advanced planning.
  6. Sometimes you are going to spend more time waiting than truck driving. Some customers are more congested than others and you may wait a few hours to get loaded or unloaded.
  7. Your dispatcher or fleet manager may have never driven a truck before. It’s frustrating to have someone asking you to do things they don’t understand.
  8. Some carriers make it possible to bring a guest out on the road with you. This gives you the ability to turn a long trip into a mini-vacation and get some quality time in with your spouse or one of the kids.
  9. There will be lots of sitting involved in driving a truck, but you will also do lots of walking, crouching, reaching, and climbing to do your equipment inspections. You’ll get even more exercise if you do flatbed work.
  10. This is the most rewarding career choice you could possibly make! You get to see the country while helping to keep businesses running, grocery stores full, and citizens happy.

Taking the next step:

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