Image of woman in a semi truck

Women Truck Drivers Are More Important Than Ever

Women Excel at Safety and Reliability

More and more companies are seeking women these days to serve as drivers in their fleets. Why women? The reasons may surprise you. The old adages about female drivers are proving to be completely false. Women have what it takes to handle a truck and they are loyal to their companies!

Contrary to the opinions of former times, women can learn to drive big rigs and do so with care, precision, and dedication. Statistics demonstrate that hiring women as truckers can actually be good for business!

A study by Gitnux noted that:

  • Female truck drivers have a 40% lower accident rate
  • Women drivers report a faster weigh station time with less violations
  • Female truck drivers are 60% less likely to quit within their first year
  • Carriers who employ female drivers report a 95% lower employee turnover rate

Since catastrophic accidents and high driver turnover are major issues for carriers, hiring more women makes sense. Women have proven themselves to be less aggressive in traffic, and more likely to remain loyal to the same company.

Truckers are in high demand. There’s a national shortage of truck drivers and women are needed to help fill that void! Many companies today are recognizing the skills and positive attitudes of female truck drivers and are actively recruiting them.

Businesses like Amazon and J.B. Hunt are sponsors of WIT (Women in Trucking), a non-profit organization with the mission to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles facing them in this field formerly dominated by men.

What Does a Truck Driving Career Offer Women?

There are plenty of opportunities for finding a driving gig that suits your individual needs! With the growing demand for truckers, job seekers can choose from a variety of options with varying pay and benefits packages. If you want to see the country, an over-the-road (OTR) job is a great way to do so. Need to be home each night? Many local jobs are available and still provide the opportunity for growth and high earning potential!  The average salary is nearly $50,000 per year and the shortage of drivers assures job security and the opportunity to move through the ranks within your company!

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Updated March, 2024.