Tips and Insights into the Truck Driving Industry

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  • Commercial trucks lined up at an agle.

    You’ve completed your training, passed your CDL test and you’re ready to go. Now what? Find the job! CDL drivers are in high demand these days and jobs are out there and very plentiful. However, there is something that you need to know while you’re looking into jobs and deciding which one is the best […]

  • A truck driving down a snowy road.

    Winter weather usually means it’s time to change the tires. Caring for them throughout the winter is just as important as having them in the first place. Proper tire maintenance can mean the difference between safe travels all winter and the possibility of having an accident due to poor tire care. Here are five steps […]

  • Commercial truck driver next to his truck.

    The truck driving industry is different from most. As most truckers know, you’ll experience something new everyday. New sites and surroundings, new loads to drop off, new people to meet. For many, there is a fear of what you might be getting yourself into once you take on a trucking driving career. Here are 10 […]

  • Image of truck driver with kid standing next to red semi

    One of the tough realities of being a long-haul trucker is spending long periods of time apart from friends and family. However, you can still maintain a close-knit, loving family while pursuing your career goals. Today’s technology provides a multitude of ways to communicate—from video calls to group texts, it’s easy to stay in touch. […]

  • Georgia Driving Academy would like to congratulate Daniel Shonebarger, a 2016 Columbus, GA graduate, on being named to Trucking’s Top 10 Rookie Finalist list. This is a huge accomplishment, and we could not be prouder. We sat down with Daniel to see how he has been doing since graduating from his CDL training and learn […]

  • A CDL trainer and and trucking student looking over a commercial truck.

    Updated June 2024 Thanks to our commercial drivers, our economy is able to flourish! These skilled individuals, specially trained to operate large commercial vehicles, keep America moving forward. But what exactly separates the professional drivers we see on the road? Depending on what type of commercial license you obtain, your driving qualifications change accordingly! Class […]