Tips and Insights into the Truck Driving Industry

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  • Guide to Becoming a Truck Driver

    CDL Endorsements Increase Your Skills and Job Opportunities The Commercial Drivers License (CDL) you obtain from Georgia Driving Academy will only allow you to drive a single trailer vehicle. As you have heard in CDL class training, endorsements are additional, acquired certifications that prepare and qualify you to transport certain types of loads.  Found on […]

  • Image of GDA tractor with gray and red background and text "Part 3: CDL Training"

    Updated May 16, 2023 The next step in your quest to becoming a truck driver centers on the main portion of the training: going to CDL school. This is the part where you’re actually committing your financial resources to your new career ambitions and there’s no turning back. Due to this, we wanted to answer a […]

  • Your Guide to Becoming a Truck Driver

    Driving a truck is an exciting and adventurous career that can be very rewarding. The process to start driving, however, is a little different than most jobs. There are a few prerequisites that must be met before climbing behind the wheel and starting your career. Pass the DOT Physical First and foremost, you must be […]

  • Blue truck with words guide to becoming a truck driver.

    Some people have it easy, career-wise. They know exactly what they want to do for a living from a young age, and can devote the early part of their training toward that goal. Others don’t have it quite so easy and finish high school still not quite sure what they want to do for work. […]

  • Red commercial truck driving down the road.

    Being an OTR (over-the-road) truck driver can be a very rewarding career that provides a great financial foundation for you and your loved ones. It doesn’t come without complications, though. Missing your loved ones is one of the main struggles of OTR truckers while on those extended trips.  The good thing is that with today’s […]

  • Yellow commercial truck driving in the desert.

    Do you dream of becoming a truck driver, but not sure how to pay for CDL training? You’re not the only one! It can be frustrating to come up with the funds, especially if you’re not currently working or working a low paying job. Truck driving, on the other hand, is a great high-paying career […]