Tips and Insights into the Truck Driving Industry

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  • Red text reads what is hot shot trucking, surrounded by photos of trucks

    Hot shot truckers specialize in time-sensitive loads, usually for situations where failure to deliver items within a certain time period could cause problems within the company. The term “hot shot” comes from the Texas oilfields in the ’70s, where pickups delivered crucial parts to drilling operations as quickly as possible. It is quickly becoming a […]

  • georgia driving academy ribbon cutting ceremony

    Columbus Campus Ribbon Cutting August 19, 2020 – Georgia Driving Academy celebrated the opening of its new Columbus Campus located at 3625 Manchester Expy Suite C, Columbus, GA 31909  with a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony. During the ribbon-cutting, GDA President, Brad Barber, Stevens Transport – Vice President of Driver Resources, Angela Horowitz, Georgia State Representative, Richard […]

  • It reads, Trucking in the 21st Century on top, with a picture of a red semi below it

    Updated July 2021 The trucking industry has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings of freight transportation in the early 20th century. Trucking in 2021 has led to advancements being made in fields such as technology, automation, and load capacity. However, one problem has continued to plague truckers since the beginning, that being the never-ending driver […]

  • 3 white semi trucks parked on side of road

    As the world begins the challenging task of restoring economies that have been damaged by COVID-19 pandemic, truck drivers strive to keep the economic supply chain moving. Truck drivers are the lifeblood of the supply chain. They are the ones who move raw materials to and from manufacturing plants. They also distribute finished products to […]

  • A truck driving down the road.

    Congratulations are in order for GDA graduates, James Myrick and Jose Salinas! Both James and Jose were named as Steven’s Company Drivers of the month. We’re so proud of them and wish them the best with their careers at Stevens! James Myrick Runner-Up Company Driver James joined Stevens in September of 2019 and graduated from […]

  • A row of trucks lined up in the country.

    With the year 2020 fast approaching, questions are being raised about the future of the trucking industry. From the look of things stand, the future is definitely bright. Here are some of the positive trucking trends that are continuing to be witnessed. 1. Rising Consumer Demands According to research, 2020’s consumer demands will rise up […]