Tips and Insights into the Truck Driving Industry

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  • A row of trucks lined up in the country.

    With the year 2020 fast approaching, questions are being raised about the future of the trucking industry. From the look of things stand, the future is definitely bright. Here are some of the positive trucking trends that are continuing to be witnessed. 1. Rising Consumer Demands According to research, 2020’s consumer demands will rise up […]

  • A road in a snowy landscape.

    Winter driving poses a number of unique hazards for many truck drivers. Increased snow and ice, slipperier roads, and shorter days can all combine to make your drive more difficult than before. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to create a safer journey. 1. Slow down. When you’re on a deadline, it’s tempting […]

  • GDA graduate up for an award.

    Congrats to our Georgia Driving Academy Grad, Steve Harris, for being named a Top 4 Finalist in the Transition Trucking: Award for Excellence. Steve Harris was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After he graduated from high school, he attended the Army Mountain Warfare School. Upon completion in 2002, Steve joined the United States Marine […]

  • Stacks of various coins.

    Driving schools should never hold you back when you are trying to move forward. We understand that in many cases, the cost of CDL training is what is standing between you and an amazing career. This is why at Georgia Driving Academy, we offer affordable CDL training with different tuition assistance program options to meet […]

  • A row of blue commercial trucks.

    If it weren’t for truck drivers, there would be a lot of empty shelves, and online merchandise orders could not reach our homes. Not to mention, fuel getting delivered to stations to fill our gas tanks, supplies being delivered to build our homes, and so much more. You don’t have to wait until this one […]

  • A woman truck driver standing next to a truck.

    More and more companies are seeking women these days to serve as drivers in their fleets. Why women? The reasons may surprise you. The old adages about female drivers are proving to be completely false. Women have what it takes to handle a truck and they are loyal to their companies. Contrary to the opinions […]