Veteran thinking about her new transportation career

Veterans in the Transportation Industry

Why Should Veterans Pursue Careers in Transportation?

Upon their exit from the military, veterans will look for a stable civilian career that applies the skills and qualities they gained during their service. For many, they turn to the transportation industry – a field that offers a smooth and quick transition into the workforce. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, about 10.3% of veterans are employed in the transportation industry.

The opportunities for those wanting to enter this in-demand field are endless, ranging from professional drivers to internal supply chain support staff and logistics management. Keep reading to see which profession is best for you!

Veterans Are Ideal Professional Drivers

For those who enjoy the independence that comes with being behind the wheel, a professional driving career may be for you. Many carriers seek out potential drivers with skills obtained during active service, such as high-standing work ethic, collaboration, and self-discipline. Other advantages for veterans in this industry include utilizing GI Benefits to cover the expense of training, job stability, steady income, and greater benefits.

Many initiatives, programs, and organizations also center around assisting servicepersons at the beginning of this new position. Some include Troops into Transportation, the Even Exchange Program, and the Military Skills Waiver Test Program. Lastly, the Biden-Harris Administration recently enacted the Trucking Action Plan, with a focus placed on conducting veteran-focused outreach and recruitment.

Veterans as Internal Supply Chain Staff Members

During their service time, soldiers encounter many scenarios and experiences related to the supply chain industry. This fast-paced environment is consistently in need of employees with experience dealing with high-pressure situations. Veterans are ideal candidates for these positions as they possess quick learning abilities and problem-solving skills that are easily transferrable to these roles.

Similarly, the feeling of accomplishment accompanying troops in their line of duty will follow in the supply chain. These workers ensure that professional drivers are successful while keeping their company and customers satisfied.

Logistics Professions for Veterans

Another internal position that aligns perfectly with veterans is logistics management. These individuals are responsible for the planning and distribution of materials, products, and people across the nation and the world. Attention to detail, time management, and accurate record keeping are skills that service men and women acquire that transfer well into this civilian position. With every branch offering similar roles, armed forces members have the opportunity to begin this career during their active duty time. Lastly, the growing transportation industry continues to directly impact this sector, with companies and businesses constantly looking for new talent to fill the increasingly new and vacant roles.

Begin Your Transportation Industry Career with Georgia Driving Academy

If you’re a veteran looking to start the transition into your new transportation career, Georgia Driving Academy can help! Our Driver Training Programs will expose you to all facets of the industry. Not to mention, becoming a CDL holder will bring you more significant incentives from potential employers. Our courses were designed with our military members in mind, which is why we offer special Financial Assistance options and Job Placement assistance resources. Rest assured – our staff and instructors will ensure you’re set up for success!