Successful GDA Driver Trainee Graduates

Georgia Driving Academy Celebrates Driver Trainees’ Success

Graduates recount their journey to success in Class A CDL Training

Whether they are looking for a job change, a more lucrative profession, or want to pursue their lifelong passion of traveling the country, the reasons for beginning a truck driving career are endless. Luckily, Georgia Driving Academy’s Class A CDL driver training program offers trainees the opportunity to turn this want into a reality. Our thousands of graduates have gone on to see success in the industry. Today, we’re showcasing the achievements of two of our recent CDL recipients, Karen and Lawrence Isbell.

Driver Trainees Have Successful Start

Karen and Lawrence launched their driving careers on January 7, 2022. Before stepping foot into our classroom, they went through our admissions process, including obtaining a current Motor Vehicle Report and passing a Department of Transportation physical exam. The pair also secured their Commercial Driver’s License Learners Permits before starting. They highly recommend that anyone pursuing a professional driving career complete these steps, as “it will save you from stressing over advancing in the first week in the classroom.”

After deliberating between our endorsement options, the duo pursued the automatic route, citing that “the industry is transitioning to truly automatic trucks.” They then attended and successfully completed the classroom instruction of our training program, which covers all parts of truck operations.

“Our instructor for our classroom was the wonderful and knowledgeable Johnathon,” Karen stated. “His wealth of expertise provided concise information about combination vehicles and their safe operation!”

They also explained the importance of the material covered in this portion of the program. “Pay attention and work to finish the mandatory daily quizzing to get a true understanding of driving. There are also educational videos that you are required to watch. Johnathon is there to help you pass if you are willing to listen and apply yourself to advance!”

Next Steps For Driver Training Success

Students learn the basic truck maneuvers in our truck yard following the classroom segment. The maneuvers include backing and turning the tractor and trailers. When asked about their experience, Lawrence stated: “Our teachers, Mike, Donyelle, G, and Chris, all offered exceptional instructions on how to perform and execute the essential operation of your Commercial Motor Vehicle. They are the best at what they do!”

Achieving Success in Final Driver Training Program Phase

The final step in Karin and Lawrence’s training was the on-the-road driving portion. The couple described this as “the week that will tie everything you’ve learned together into a nice bow.” During this stage, drivers will apply the knowledge they learned in previous weeks to the actual road. Upon completion, students have the opportunity to polish their maneuvers before testing with our Department of Driver Services test administrator in our driving yard.

“Our instructor was Phillip, and he was our MVP in overall instruction,” Karen stated. “Phillip provides real-world application for your future in trucking. He, like everyone at GDA, wants you to truly succeed!”

Garnering Success as a Driver Trainee at Georgia Driving Academy

Since receiving their Commercial Driver’s Licenses and graduating from our driver training program, Lawrence and Karen have secured a team driving position with one of our many job partners, Schneider. They also had some parting words for those contemplating which driving school to receive their CDL training from:

“We love GDA from the admissions department staff, our job placement coordinator, and all those MVP instructors that make up the institution. We see a bright future for GDA and believe they will be the premier and a preferred place to train professional truck drivers. GDA truly sets you up for success, and you’ll be ready to be a top applicant for any carrier worthy of having you!”

Does this story inspire you to begin your new driving career? Contact us to secure your spot and to be our next graduate spotlight!